My ordinary day

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I usually wake up at about 7 o’clock. The day starts with my parents’ complaining about my late and slow getting up. I don’t really care about it and slowly wash myself and than pack my books and notebooks to my backpack. Then I prepare a breakfast and I eat it. This activities last till 7.50 than I go o school. The school usually starts at 8 o’clock. I finish my exhausting lessons at about 14.10, and then I go to my house. When I arrive at my house the dinner is already prepared by my mother. After few minutes of relax I start doing my homework. At about 17 o’clock I turn on my computer and surf in the Net @  . Sometimes instead of surfing in the net I watch TV. Some time later I go out with my friends. We usually meet at the Old Mill, drink many glasses of beer and talk. I get back to my house at 22.00 and after a little argue with my parents I go to my bed. That’s my typical gloomy day.

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