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Everybody knows Eminem and I think i don`t have to introduce him in this work.”8 mile” was his fiction debut. All his fans and not only them were waiting for “8mile” with impatience. T shaped up well. Film was directed by Curtis Hanson. Main roles were played by: Eminem (Rabbit), Kim Basinger (Rabbit`s mom), Mekhi Phifer (Future), Brithany Murphy (Alex), Evan Jones (Cheddar Bob), Omar Brenson Miler (Sol George), Michael Shanon (Greg Buelh), De`Angelo Wilson (DJ Iz) and Eugene Byrd (Wink).

It`s the year 1995 and the plot takes place in Detroit, the city of gangs and drugs, in a poor district where white people unwelcome. 8 mile is a road on the city border, which separates the town centre from suburbs, the whites from the blacks and shouldn`t be crossed for own safety. Young people`s goal is to get away from this place. One of them is Jimmy Smith Jr. called “Rabbit”. He doesn`t have money and he lives in a caravan with his mother. At nights he roams with his friends and he tries to figure out how he can change his lot. Rabbit lives his reveries and he is trying to make them true. He wants to be a raper. He has talent and his best friend Future knows this so he is helping Jimmy to achieve his goal of becoming a star. Future hopes that Rabbit will win a “word-battle” at the famous club. However it`s not so easy for Rabbit because he has to conquer with insuperable “Free World” gang which has more confederats than Rabbit. Everything would be fine if only there wasn`t a woman – Alex – who steps into Rabitt`s life and complicates the whole situation.

I think that Eminem pulled through his first fiction role, but he wasn`t such a good actor as he is a singer. I think that the rest of roles were played very good. Great part of this film was his music and scenery. Although I don`t like this kind of films I think it`s worth seeing.

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