Phrasal verbs.

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see with;
2.make arrangements for(see to)
see sb. off-go with their point of departure
see sb.out-accompany the door/exit of a hause/building
see over-inspect a hause,flat
see through sb/sth-not be deceived by sb./sth.
see sb. through-support sb. until the end of a difficult time
see to-1.make arrangements
2.attend to sth.

see about-1.begin to do
set aside-save for a special purpose
set back-1.delay progress of sth.
2.dealy an event till a later date
3.cost (slang)
set out-1.begin a journey
2.start a course of action with a clear aim in mind
set in-start and seem likely to continue
set on-cause to attack
set up-1.start a business

stand by-1.remain loyal especially ina difficult situation passively ready foraction
stand for-1.represent
3.put up with
stand in for-replace sb.temporalily
stand out-be very noticeable,prominent
stand up
stand up to-1.resist
2.stay in good condition

be taken aback-be strongly surprised
take after-look like
take sth back-admit that one was wrong in what one said
take down-1.lenghten garment(let down)
2.separate into pieces in order to repair or remove
3.write down
take in-1.give accomodation
take for-indentify sb. or sth. wrongly
take off-1.remove clothes
2.copy sb.'s speech or manners especially for fun;imitate
take on-1.undertake responsibility
take sb.out-take sb. to the theatre,etc.
take over-take control or responibility
take to-like
take up-bring to do sth. as a hobby

turn away-1.refuse to let in
turn down-1.reduce volume,power,etc.-opposite-turn up
turn in-go to bed
turn into-convert into
turn off-switch off-opposite-turn on
turn on-switch on
turn out-1.prove to be in the end
2.force leave
turn to-go to sb.for help,advice etc.
turn over-go to the next page
turn up-increase the volume,pressure etc.-opposite-turn down

work on-be busy with
work out-1.find by reasoning
2.turn out successfully
work up-develop

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