My favorite work of art

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I`d like to present you one of my favorite work of art. It was made in 1976 in West Germany by a group of people of sistinction from VEB Sachsenring Automobilwerke in Zwickau. It`s a combination of sculpture and painting with elements of sewing. In a discusion about what kind of art it is - I`d call it papier mch. Everytime you look at it, it brings you evcitment and joy. In my opinion it reminds me a tiger or leopard, other sees in it a wild frog. It is also seen as a beautiful, naked stone sraight from the deepnes of the ocean. Nowadays its copies are all over the world, especially in Europe. Maybe the reason of it is that it is also full of modern techniqe. Secret of this masterpiece is that it produces sounds and moves. This wonder is called Trabant.

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