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Poziom rozszerzony - dodatkowe ćwiczenia egzaminacyjne

1. Hi Auntie!
I know that I should respond you faster but I’m really busy nowadays. Last month I met new girlfriend. She’s not tall, slim and beautiful. She’s got dark long hair. I love her so much, but she’s very jealous. We argued. Can you give me some advice? I’d really appreciate it. See you.
2. Hi Uncle!
I’ve wanted to write this mail before, but I was busy. You know, we’ve moved one week ago. Our house could be better but it’s OK. My new room is very spacious, it has about 20 square meters. It is placed in the southern part of building. There are big windows in my room and so it is well lit. Sometimes I feel a bit alone here. Will you visit us soon? Bye.
3. Hi Mark!
Last time when we met I was sad because of leaving Poland. Now, I’m really happy – I’ve learnt a lot. The British history lessons were fabulous. And Cambridge is beautiful. I think you could improve grammar lessons. I miss my friends and teachers. Could you send me photos from last day of classes? I’d be very grateful. See you soon.
4. Hi Boss!
I arrived to Ireland two weeks ago. I’m a volunteer in animal shelter. You’ve asked me to tell you about my progress. Well, it was going fine, but suddenly three days ago dogs have fallen sick. We don’t have enough medicines. We’d really appreciate it if you could send us some. I’ve got an idea how to encourage people to adopt animals. I’ve created an advertisement in local newspaper. I have to end. Bye.
5. Hi Sarah!
Yesterday, I was on Jack’s birthday party. It was great, but you were supposed to be there. Why didn’t you come? We were having fun up to three o’clock. Jack was really happy. In one week I’m going to make my birthday party. Will you come? It’d be great. Bye!
6. Hi Auntie!
I’m spending this holiday with you in Wales, but sometimes i feel alone. Can I invite my friend on the polish dinner? I remember her from language course. I can prepare dumplings. I went to supermarket to check if there are any polish ingredients. I found them in Ladybug. See you!
7. Dear Sir,
I’m twenty-year-old Polish student. I live on Walace Street. Three weeks ago, I ordered a book from your antique shop. My package still has not arrived. I’m really annoyed. I demand a discount for my next order. Bye.
8. Hi Marcel!
I’m in Spain with my parents. We live in Barcelona. The city is great. Wembley Stadium is amazing. You won’t belive me. Three days ago I met Messi and Fabregas! They were walking across the street. I asked them to give me an autograph. I hope we will meet soon. I have to end. See you!
9. Hi Marta!
I’m so happy, that you arrive to England soon. I miss you so much. I know that you’re interested in polish culture. Well, I booked two tickets for „With Fire and Sword”. I hope you’ll enjoy travel. See you soon!
10. Hi Adam!
I will not come to train yoday. I’m really tired because of last match. I’m really sorry. Basketball is very important to me, and I know that we have next match in few days. I hope school team will not be angry on me. I promise I’ll be on next trainings. Bye.

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