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generation gap

In our conetmporary world is a lot of various factors which improve misunderstandings between the adult and teenage generation. It is said that good communiaction and understanding involves both talking and listening. How can this help improve relationships?

Both adults and teenagers have different points od view. Talking and listening to the others is very important in our life, especially when there are some problems and misunderstandings. We have to talk about everyday life, about matters and problems and try to find perfect source or solution of these problems. Furthermore, both factors can help to improve family bonds. Young people can transfer to adult's world many technical nowelities which will be helpful and can ease life. Adults and erdelry people could also transfer sth very important- culture and tradition - basic
factor of society. It is high importance to strike a happy medium and have good comuniaction with the others.

Summarising, in my consideration both talking and listening are pefect way to find =common way for adults and teenagers and overcome generation gap.It is very important to have good communication and understanding with the other.

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