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Welcome to the double-degree Masters!!
Welcome to the Masters in Global Business Management programme taught in English. You will stay with us for an intense 4 semesters, during which you complete over 25 different subjects from all major management areas. During this time we will prepare you to become an effective manager able to understand every area of international business and able to perform in every division of a company. This wide-ranging knowledge will enhance your flexibility, professionalism and awareness — capabilities much desired in today’s speedily-changing world.
Upon completion, our graduates receive:
- "Master of Science in Global Business Management" from University of Wales, United Kingdom;
- "Magister in Management" (Magister z Zarzadzania) from WSB-NLU, Poland;
The combination of TWO Masters degrees assures easy and successful employment, and sends a powerful message to employers about YOUR qualities, skills, knowledge and inter-cultural experiences. University of Wales particpation assures the highest quality of teaching (all UoW-validated programmes are subject to the same UK Quality Assurance Agency criteria as any programme in the UK).
This Management programme is open to graduates of ALL degrees. We accept holders of Licencjat and BA degrees from any discipline. To this day we have accepted people from: Economics, English, History, Archeology, Management, Finance, so whatever your degree... if you like the programme, please apply!
Find out about our:
- Programme description/rationale (aims & purposes);
- Lecturers (who will teach you);
- Programme structure, subject descriptions and syllabi;
- Entry Requirements (required documents & fees);
- Our support for international students (International Student Office activities);
and then...
- Sign up for recruitment!!
The program attracts people from all over the world. Together we establish a demanding but exiting atmosphere of multiple cultures and world views. All our students and teachers are multi-lingual which makes English the first (but not only) language of communication at WSB-NLU.
During your study you will:
- work on your own,
- prepare group projects and presentations,
- be required to read books, academic articles, magazines on a wide variety of topics, etc.
- deal with demanding situations,
- discover how to react to pressure, academic demands,
- deal with interpersonal and intercultural issues.

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