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Angielskie miesiące, dni tygodnia i alfabet

Alfabet A [ej] H [ejcz] O [ou] V [wi] B [bi] I [ajl P [pj] W [dablju] C [si] J [dżej] Q [kju] X [eks] D [di] K [kej] R [ar] Y [łaj] E [i] L [el] S...


Travelling by car- advantages and disadvantages.

There are many different means of transport. Sometimes we can't imagine how people could live without cars, buses, trains and planes many years ago. Some people prefer travelling by car, others think that it's dangerous and polluts the...


Szybka powtórka - czasy

The Present Simple: I drink milk. She drinks milk. They drink milk. Czynnosci zwyczajowe, powtarzające się (always, often, usually, sometimes, occasionalyy, rarely, never, ever, nowadays, once, every day). Harmonogram, program, plan,...


Present Simple (utrwalenie wiadomości, jasne przykłady)

Present Simple * jest czasem teraźniejszym * używamy go kiedy: - chcemy wyrazić czynność powtarzającą się codziennie - chcemy wyrazić zaplanowane rzeczy * jeśli zobaczysz w zdaniu słówka: usually, often, always, every day, in the morning, at...


Advantages and disadvantages of being famous

It is widely believed that famous people have a wonderful life with no worries or problems. But is being famous so easy? The greatest advantage of being famous is that celebrities are usually very rich so they have easier life than other...


The advantages and disadvantages of travelling.

The advantages and disadvantages of travelling. There are many ways of spending free time. One of them is travelling. Certainly, it has its pros and cons. First advantage of travelling is visiting interesting places and meeting new...


How to write a about myself. An example.

Hi! My name is Tom. I’m 16 and I live in Warsaw which is the capital of Poland. Actually I come from another city - Wroclaw, where I lived for eleven years, but five years ago, my dad decided to change his job, and we all moved to Warsaw. I have a...


The person I admire - My mom

I admire some people, but my mom is my reason to live. She is the big hero in my life and I?m going to describe her. Her name is Ewa ???. My mom is a nurse. She loved to help other because she says it was her dream when she was...


The advantages and disadvantages of travelling by car

Travelling by car has many advantages. First of all you can travel wherever an whenever you want. You can use a car in case of urgency. For example if you want to drive to the doctor you don't have to wait for a bus. Also you don't have to travel...


Useful phrases for speaking paper FCE, CAE, CPE

PART 1 I'm speaking English for my own satisfaction / my job / in order to improve my employment prospects. If you want to go ahead these days, you need to have a good command of English I always loved (the sea). I'd love to visit places...