Wady i zalety bycia sławnym. Advantages and disadvantages of being famous.

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Advantages and disadvantages of being famous.

Most people dream about being famous. They want to be admired and loved by fans. The media show rich and fashionable stars and it is believed that their lives are full of happiness and pleasure. Altought it seems to be true, there are also some major drawbacks.
Celebrities have everything what they want. People envy their lots of money, fast cars, beautiful apartaments. Celebrities do not have to worry about the future. If they want to meet another ‘star’, it is not hard. A round-the-world trip? It is not a problem, either. What is more, there a lot of ‘stars’ who use their glory to help people.
On the other hand, fame is not so wonderful. Probably the greatest disadvantage of being famous is that the celebrities have no privacy. Paparazzi are in every place where a famous person goes to. It is certain that gossips can be upsetting and complicate life. Besides, fame brings a lot of stress. There are many examples of people who paid the highest price for fame. Marylin Monroe, Kurt Cobain– they commited suicide. John Lennon was shot by his fanatic fan. James Dean died in a car accident. Some of them had problems with drugs and alcohol because of stress and strain. They did not manage with glory.
All in all, being famous has both bright and dark sides.Marylin Monroe said the fame was fickle. You never know how long you will be at the top. But in my opinion five minutes of fame are worth everything.

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22.9.2010 (22:14)

Potrzebuję tylko zalet, ale przyda się ;]

9.12.2006 (01:38)

Moim zdaniem super praca. Pisana bardzo przystepnym i zrozumiałym językiem.