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Today everybody likes going abroad. We can choose travel or tourism. Travel is a good way of learning about the world, it teaches us many interesting things about cultures of different nationalities. We also travel to find a well-paid job or meet our family living in another country. Tourism is the best choice for a person who wants to relax or do some sightseeing. Of course our choice also depends on money, weather and our personality – it’s evident that the person who leads an active life will never go to the seaside...
When we are sure we want to go on holiday, the next step is to decide what’s the best option for us. The person who wants to have everything organised by a travel agency will choose a package holiday. But it deprives us of fun which we have when we choose, for example, a tour. The fact is that moving from place to place is really fascinating. We can find something for sea-lovers too. For people like that the best will be a cruise or a voyage, but I think it could be a little boring to see only water all around us for a long time...
The fastest and the most comfortable is travelling by plane but, on the other hand, it's at the same time the most expensive. Buses and trains are much cheaper, but they are not as comfortable as planes and the journey is longer too. So the best is to travel by car. It’s a fast and convenient mean of transport and it’s not so expensive. Moreover, we feel independent because we decide about everything, for example when to stop for a while.
Although holidays are usually the most pleasant part of a year, they can cause some problems. The most serious one is loosing something. We should have an embassay phone number to announce that we’ve lost our passport or tickets. Another problem could be a travel sickness. To avoid it, we should take a travel sickness pill.
However it’s also significant to point some negative aspects of tourism. For example, in the place which is willingly visited by tourists, standards of people’s life are changing and the prices are rising. This place is becoming more polluted too. As we can see, tourism is not always good for our environment.
At the end I want to say that travelling and tourism, in spite of all disadvantages, are becoming more popular because they are the best forms of spending our free time.

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