Importance of tourism

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Importance of tourism

Tourism, nowadays is one of the most popular way of spending free time. It is higly developed in almost all countries, mainly because of material profits it brings. But unfortunately, there is the other side of the coin too, especially if it comes about foreign tourism.
From educational point of view, travelling lets people to see world, other peoples, culture and traditions. It is said, that “traveling broadens” and most people consider, it does. At the same time, tourists who has not wide knowledge about World, can “see the grass greener on the other side of the fence”. It causes danger of discontent with country that person live in, what entail complaints and dissatisfaction.
Also economical aspect plays huge role in domestic market economy. Lot of people works in tourist branch what is often their only source of income. What is more, there are some countries - like Malta for example - where tourism is basis of all its revenue. Howewer, if all field are tourist-minded, prices are inflated what is huge drawback for natives.
Thirdly, tourism can have influence on tourist religious viewpoint. Seeing place which is some religion root, surely strengthens pilgrims faith. On the other hand, showing ones faith can meet with incomprehension or even contempt.
In my opinion, tourism is too important for my mental to be stoped, or even restricted because of mentioned below reasons. It should be still developing, and becoming easier to get for more and more people.

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