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Generally speaking, fashion is the need to imitate others and to identify with them. This psychological need is the most noticeable in clothes but it is also very common in different kinds of public life. Fashionable may be a way of dressing, a manner of speaking, eating habits, a turn of phrase, appearance, music race, jobs, cars, holiday places and inter design. Fashion always has its avant-garde, it means group of people who as first imitate something, the most often a way of dressing. While style in fashion is bound up with individual way of express you by shape of clothing.
Fashion was changed through ages. In ancient countries women carried wigs, had their hair curly and liked a lot of jewellery. Through the ages it has changed. During the Rococo people could be more provocative. The women liked to have very huge hair. After the Second World War women wanted to be delicate and slim, however 60s and 70s year?s women started to wear mini, artificial jewellery, very hard make up and put their hair up.
Nowadays it is different. A lot of women are wearing, as they want to. Of course, fashion is very important but we cannot say what is the most fashionably because women should be elegant at work, cool at home etc. Men?s fashion is easier, because it is known that man should be elegant everywhere. The glimpse of a history of fashion is the most noticeable in women?s clothes.
In this time the most popular hobby, especially among teenagers, is surfing in the net, or playing computer games. Only few of them train sport or read books. Adults like watching TV or meeting with friends in pubs. It is fashionably to know which computer game is the best or the newest and which film is on the top.
Secondly, eating-places. Nowadays it is very common to eat in restaurants, even it isn?t healthy. People eat fast foods etc. very often and with friends they go to expensive restaurants because it is up to date to know such places.
Cars are also trendy. Good car ought to be for sure expensive, from abroad and strong. Polish cars aren?t so popular nowadays as they were few years ago because they are not fashionable.
Jobs are trendy if we can earn a lot, meet a lot of people and don?t get tired. The most popular are jobs in office as secretary or connected with languages.

Now people on holiday like going abroad, especially to Spain, Thailand, Italy or Bulgaria. They like places where is always hot and life is expensive.
As regards music, it is changes. It depends from age, company and many figures. In teenagers? world very popular is rock, hip-hop, soul and reggae.
I think it is easy to become a fashion victim. Nowadays we are under pressure of television, newspapers and other people. It is known that if your clothes or something are unfashionable people very fast notice it and say you that don?t pass them. So someone who wants to be liked probably is trendy and follows behind the fashion.
In my life fashion doesn?t play a huge role. I think I have my own style, I don?t mind is my clothes or hair are up to date or not. I am not a victim of fashion, because I find fashion sometimes is really stupid. For example, if it would be fashionable to commit suicide we should do it? Maybe we ought to think a bit more about our beliefs.

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