Advantage and disadvantage of being famous

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There are many people who believe that being celebrity is fantastic. On the other hand, some people maintain that it is not so fabulous.
Firstly, famous people usually have a lot of maoney and they can afford to buy anything they want like expansive houses, cars or very fashionable cloths. Although when they are rich it is hard to satisy them. Secondly, they usually travel a lot which is connected with their job, and in this way they can see a lot of interesting countries all over the world. They can get to know new, interesting places and culture. What's more, they meet other famous people and they can talk to them.
On the other hand, singers, actors and many more celebrities are exposed on all the dangers of fame. Some crazy fans will do everything to catch a glimpse of the well-known faces and see their smile. Moreover, the stars are surrounded by TV-reporters, photographers and bodyguards. Often the magazines and newspapers write gossip and don't tell truth about famous people. Which can bo very uncomfortable for them. It is not so easy to be famous becouse they must work very hard to keep their position. They have to keep fit or create new songs, movies which bring them fame.
Not everyone can be a star. This is an immense stress for them. The state of constant stress pushes a lot of them in alcoholism, drug-addiction and depression. In other words, the fame can destroy a man but also it can makes him happy:)

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