A ghost story

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Tom, Nicole and Mark were driving through a thick forest. It was a cold winter evening, the snow was falling smoothly and the moon was shining beautifully with its white light. The three friends were going on a concert. They were excited as they were going to see their favourite band, Metallica, live - they had been waiting for the gig for months. Tom had never driven this road before, but he was sure about the way as he was told it by his father. All of the sudden, a row of old, abandoned houses appeared on the right side of the road. They seemed quite scary, so the friends were very surprised when they noticed a young woman thumbing a lift. They stopped and let her go in. She was visibly sad; they asked her for the matter, but she could hardly speak. After a few miles she unexpectedly asked if they could see the light spot on the side of the road. When they confirmed, she answered that it's the place where she died in a car accident 13 years ago. When they realised she's a ghost, they started to panic; Tom lost the control of the steering wheel and the car crashed into a tree.
The only person who survived the accident was Nicole. The investigation based on her evidence discovered a great similarity between the ghost-woman and Teresa Wane, who died in an accident in 1993. The settlement was abandoned because of her ghost, who often visited her past home. Nicole had never believed in what happened that evening; anyway, she died in a car crash in the first anniversary of Tom and Mark's death. The reason has never been found, so that we can never know if it was Teresa who came again to see her.

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