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>My best friend called Margaret, She is 27. She is an architect, but she works lake a designer. She has a husband and one daughter and she lives with them in a Krakow. We are friends from five years and I love this person. She is my the best friend, that is why I would like to write here a couple words about her.
>She is rather tall and she has a good figure. She has long, brown and curly hair. She has beautiful, bright eyes, oval face and dark complexion. When you met her, the first thing you notice is her attractive and gorges smile. She has big lips.
>She loves dresses, but usually she wears trousers and pullovers. She likes change style and colors. That is why she always has new clothes in her wardrobe.
> She is good person and friend. She always helps me and she spends time with me, when I am unhappy. She always smiles, she is kind and patient, maybe that is why children love her. She is easy - going, polite and honest, she never was boring, because she is out going and funny, she loves tell jokes and interesting stories.
>I love her, I love spend with she my free time, my holydays. Due to her I have a lots memories and what is more I have husband. I hate, when she tells me, that she didn’t have time for inviting me besides I can’t stand situation when she is late, but I know nobody is perfectly!
>Because I have to finish now, I just to want to write here, that I hope she will be always my friend…

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26.3.2008 (16:28)

@ojcinho duzy potencjal ...ale biedna gramatyka;/

8.12.2007 (19:10)

bardzo ładna praca :)

12.10.2007 (18:05)

@kkarina brawo!swietna praca.. dostałam za nia 5 :) drobne błedy ale to kazdy popełnia

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