Advantages & Disadvantages Of Big Supermarkets

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Advantages & Disadvantages in big supermarkets

The worlds first famous supermarket was opened in the USA in 1912 and the idea soon spread to Europe and other countries. The shopping scene in Poland has also changed over the past ten years. Empty shelves and long lines are things of the past. Today trade is alive and very busy.

Shopping has become a part of our everyday life, ofcourse some people love it and some do not. We have become witnesses of the growth of big stores and shopping centres.
All of them are beautifly decorated and are opened for the whole day and weekends.

This enormus place has plenty advantages and disadventeges. It is designed is such a way that the shoppers have to go a certain route from the entrance to the cash point near exit. The customer is guided past all the most popular production display and therby encouraged to buy items he would have forgotten to buy. You don`t have carry things but you just take a trolley.

t is a very convenient way of shopping beckause you can choose the product you want from a large range and you have the possiblity to get to know to new products. You are served in a very polite way and no one makes you hurry beckause other shoppers are waiting behind you. The variety of goods is to great that you are given time to decided what to choose. Supermarkets can be called "the all in one shop" beckause they offer products of every kind. There are departments specializing in: food for people and pets, clothes, tools, books and magazines, electronic equipment, souvenirs and many other. It is not only high - quality and wiole assortment which attracts people but also its lighting of high intensity and its clean and hygienic atmosphere with, as I mentioned before, the possiblity to do all your.

Shopping in one store.
Add to this an adjacent car park where you can wheel your trolley to your car, load your stuff in to your car boot and leave the bascet or trolley nearby to be collected by the store attendant. In this way shopping becomes a pleasure instead of a chore. Supermarkets are convenient beckause they are self - service and apart from goods we can find there a restaurant,a cafe, and a special place for kids to play while their mother are shopping.

There i also a possiblity to pay by cheque or a credit card and vouchers avcalable
If something goes wrong with your products, you simply show your recipt and you are given a new one or your money back.
Not to forget about sales and special offers such as "buy one get one free" or "two for the pirce of one" are always found there.
One the other hand shopping in supermarkets can be annoying beckause there is a big choice which can cause confusion.

People often buy unnecessary things beckause they seeing to have a good price and you buy things that tou did not plan to buy earlier. This is called impulse buing. Attractive packing and displays versuade people to buy things they do not actually need. For many of us the major disadvantage of shopping in supermarkets id that it is time consuming and it takes a while to getthere and back.
Big stores are also quite dangerous for all small shops owned by private people. And those shops may be the only source of living of then.

To conclude I would like to express my opinion which rather possitive. I think that supermarkets are great creatures and the more of them the better. It is a good way to spend your free time and relax shopping.

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"I would like to express my opinion which rather possitive" - to mnie zabiło :D

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tak sobie czytam i myśle że Ty to chyba normalnie nie miałeś nigdy kontaktu z angielskim skoro piszesz BEKOUSE!!! aż sie w oczy rzuca!!! tylko skąd to wziąłeś człowieku.....??? popracuj nad tym

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BECKAUSE ..:))) hehe no fajnie fajnie;) całej pracy nie czytałam bo to BEZ SENS ! metoda slowinkowa robione ;))hehe czyli wszyscy wiemy jak => podstawowe zdania skladac umie doda troche ze slownika ( nie wazne czy slowko pasuje czy nie a co tam! ) hehe nom .. hehe jestem pod wrażeniem ;D haha

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This esey unexpectedly it turned out unsuitable!terrible:()

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