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First a newspaper carries items of interest to everyone – young people and old people businessmen and workers, buyers and sellers. Second, the selling price is not enough to pay for producing the paper. In order to earn additional money, newspapers sell advertising space to private citizens and business firms, and a large part of the paper is taken up by advertisements.

This combination of items of interest and a large number of advertisements account for the size of the paper.
The first section of a newspaper is devoted to general news, editorials and the columns, which give interpretations of the news. In this section are stories of national and international interest. In the editional section the publishers of the paper present their view on the news. The editorial section also carries the ‘’Letters to the Editor’’. These are letters from readers who have views to express on the news, the government, or the policy of the newspaper itself.

Among other sections of the paper there would be a section of local news, that is, news of special interest to the readers living in the community, where the paper is published. There would be a feature section-carrying items of special interest to women, special news, children’s items, and other special articles. There is always a sports section. The final section might be devoted to financial and business news, classified advertisements and comic stripes.

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