Recenzja filmu Shrek.

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Shrek is the first and the best animated film directed by Andrew Adamson. The movie is adapted from William Steigh's book with the same title. It is also the first film that won an Oscar Award for Best Animated Feature, in 2001. Generally, Shrek is an extremely funny movie with amusing roles of speaking animals.
The film is set in a fairytale land of kings, strange castles and creatures. It tells a story of the ogre Shrek (voice of Mike Myers) who has to rescue beautiful Fiona (Cameron Diaz) from a dangerous dragon. But he is no disinterested. If he does that, king Farquad (John Lithgow) will make him the only owner of his swamp. So, poor Shrek goes through forests, fields and mountains to finally get to Princess Fiona.
Computer made animation is admirable and worth of not only children's interest. Everything seems to be authentic; the leaves on threes stir truly, butterflies and birds fly like in the real world, even clothes moved by breeze look genuine. The funny things are neverending amusing jokes. Visually, the world in the film is beautiful with all colors of the rainbow.
Although, the film is stunning, it may bore because of special implied parts which everybody saw in Matrix (when Fiona fights against Robin Hood) or places such as castles which seem in almost every animated or fairytale movie.
To sum up, Shrek is a first-class modern animation that everybody should see, at least because of its best computer work.

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