Napisz opowiadanie, które będzie się kończyło następującym zdaniem: If every day at school was so great, I would love it.

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It was 8 o'clock in the morning and the lessons had just started. Ms Wścibska entered the classroom. Her face looked so angry and she was staring at us in such a weird way. We knew something strange was to happen.
Usually we all were very sleepy at math but that time everybody seemed awake. Suddenly the door opened and another person was to enter the room. We looked at each other and the pressure was rising. It was our principal, Ms Szalona, with a big cardboard box. She strolled into and came up to the teacher's desk to put this thing down. Then Ms Wścibska started to giggle. The headmistress smiled to us and opened the box. Afterwards, they both shouted 'Happy Children's Day, students!' After a while of astonishment, we all burst out laughing. As there was a cake in the box, specially imported from the best sweets shop n the town, everybody was going by the desk, grabbing one piece of it. 'My pupils, this is an expression of my satisfaction of your exam results', Ms Szalona said.
'It was very nice of her', I thought. As we chatted later, nobody had remembered that it was 1st June. And that was why we had been so shocked and lost the power of speech. If every day at school was so great, I would love it.

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17.3.2011 (15:59)

to jest zaimek dzierżawczy idioto.

30.1.2011 (23:14)

jest parę błędów, najbardziej kole w oczy " children's " . children to już liczba mnoga.