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Recently I wanted to see some good film. I looked for it everywhere and I found a nwe film produced in 2007 in USA, directed by Zack Snyder "300". I thought that if I watched it I wouldn't regret it.
The film based an a comics by Frank Miller and Lynn Var is both a war and historical film.
The story begins with the arrival of Perssion representatives to the king of Sparta, Leonidas whose part is played by Cerard Butler. Spartans murder them, which leads to the tragic battle of Termopile in which king Leonidas and three hundred of Spartans fight against Xerkxes (Rodrigo Santoro) and his hundred thousands of Persian worriers. Interepiol Spartians fight to the end. Their courage and pride become on example to follow for all Greeks. In film we call also see: David Wenham as Dilios, Lena Headey- Queen Gorgo, Vincent Regan- Captain, Michael Fassbender as Stelios and many others.
The atmosphere and the dramatic effect of the screen adaptation of "300" depends largely on the sound. For example just the sound or flying arrows or the swords in the battle ewokes strong emotions. The orginal score, compose by Tyler Bates accompanies each scene in such a way that it explains the meaning of each gesture, movement so that they're remembered.
Costiums were designed by Michael Wilkinson. They help the viewers to get into the spirit of ancient Greece. Soldiers are dress only in garment cloaks with enermous shield and spears in hand as their weapon. The costium designer decided to dress Spartans in warm deep colours where as Persians in exotic colours such as: green,blue, videt and gold. Xerkxes outfit is a very interesting costume which is composed of jawellery: African and Middle East beads and ornaments. It is also worth mentioning that the film makers put a lot of effort in order to make the film as clore to the comic as possible.
Film is powerful. The plot is suspense-filled into recent while.

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