Jak być zdrowym i sprawnym?

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Everybody wants to be in good shape. As many people are busy; they do not have much time to think of their own body. They think of they feel good, they do riot have to do anything for their health. Yet if they take care of themselves now, it will benefit them in the future. Doing sport is very useful. While playing it we work with all our body and accustom our bodies to effort. The best place to do sport is outdoors. Oxygen comes into our brain. This is particularly im¬portant for those who have to learn a lot, or work intellectually. It is good to avoid some kinds of food. We should not eat too many sweets and dishes containing fat.We should avoid cholesterol and we should not drink too many drinks containing caffeine. Our diet should contain as much fruit as possible; lots of vegetables end dishes containing vitamins: We std also dunk fruit juices and mineral water; and avoid smoking and drinking alcohol which will ruin our health and our - body. Smokers are physically weaker and less immune to diseases their lungs get big doses of nicotine every day; so are the people who drink alcohol their alimentary canals are in danger. There are quite a few things to do for ourselves if we want to stay healthy and fit. These things take time and require strong will. But maybe it is worth the sacrifice. In twenty years we will appreciate the results of our efforts, and we will be proud of ourselves¬

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