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After a long and tiring day at school I like to spend my free time in such away that I feel relaxed. The kinds of activity I choose depend upon the time of the year. When it is sunny and warm I go out. When it is cold, rainy and dull - I stay at home. In the summer I ride my bicycle. I like to go to the forest, where the air is fresh, but sometimes I ride round the city to see if something interesting is going on. Usually the bicycle trips take me about an hour. Also, if it is warm I use my bicycle when I go shopping or go to visit some of my friends. I often visit my friends and I like them to visit me. As we always have something interesting to talk about, we never get bored with each other. My friends and I often go for walks and it does not matter if it rains or the sun shines. Going for long walks and cycling are favourite outdoor activities of mine. Late in the evening I like to read books or magazines: Reading takes most of my spare time during the long winter nights. Someti¬mes I play computer games. But I do not spend much time in front of the TV screen. I am also interested in films and the theatre. I do not have any manual skills, so I neither draw nor paint. It seems that I am quite a busy person. I am, indeed. But sometimes, after a busy day the best way of spending my free time is just lying in bed, doing nothing.

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