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commercial (reklama w telewizji) advertisement (reklama w praise):
I’m sure that no one doesn’t like to watch commercials on TV. I feel a little angry when I have to take a break , watching my favourite TV program or an interesting film, but there are some advantages of watching it. For example, I like to watch commercials, which I haven’t seen yet. I can get the information about a new product and the place, where I can buy it. I think, that sometimes a simple commercial film can be very interesting. I have an impression, that people who work in this branch, do everything to get me interested with their product. They use famous people, good music, beautiful landscapes and things like this to sail their product. And I must say that it works. Unfortunately, sometimes I buy things, that I don’t really need. Suddenly I realize, that I’ve spent my money for something, that I won’t use or wear. In moments like this I feel really angry and I always ask myself “ why did you buy it “.
Sometimes I buy thing that I don’t need, because I know that it helps poor people or children. If the commercial say, that I can help I do this. I think, that the producers use our good hearts, but I try to think only about the good side of this situation.
Of course I don’t think, that each commercial is interesting, because some of them are very boring and there is one thing that I have to do to survive “changing the channel”. Some of the commercials have a very bad influence on people. For example cigarettes and alcohol…. Commercials are prepared to make us feel interested and I’m afraid, that young people are not aware enough and very often buy this products. Everyone has a choice, but it’s hard to make the right decision, when you are a teenager. Of course commercials give the informations about the damages that cigarettes and alcohol can cause in human body and I think it’s really good. Unfortunately the informations are very short.
There is another advantage of a commercial… When the film is very interesting and I have to go to the toilet, the commercial time is a proper moment to visit that place  or to do some other things, like a phone call for example.
The last thing that I’d like to say is, that I don’t like to watch films with food, candies and chocolate.

I think that to many people are overweight and commercials like this encourage us to eat this products. We have an impression, that nothing wrong won’t happened. Probably because the person, who encourage us to eat it is very thin and beautiful.
To conclude, I think that commercials are good and bad in the same time. I think, that each of us should think twice before he or she will buy something.

- I know what kind of product I can buy;
- I know some information about a new product and where can I buy it;
- The commercials of cigarettes and alcohol have a warning informations about the damages in our health ( heart attack, longs cancer and many others)
- The commercial time give me the opportunity of doing something else during my favourite TV program or film
- I can help poor and sick people

- commercials are unnecessary;
- commercials are boring, you see the same things on every TV channel;
- encourage us to spend the money for unnecessary things;
- we are forced to take a break;
- commercials encourage teenagers to smoke cigarettes and to drink alcohol;
- commercials encourage people to eat candies, fast food, chocolate and it cause overweight

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1.6.2011 (19:49)

Nieźle ,szukałem własnie zalet i wad ;)

Super. ;]