Pytania do konkursu z wiedzy o Zjednoczonym Królestwie

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Pytania konkursowe :

1. The offical name of Britain is ...
o The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Irleand
2. Name parts of the united Kingdom ...
o England,
o Wales,
o Scotland,
o Nothern Irleand,
3. Show Scotland on the map ...
4. Show England on the map ...
5. Show Wales on the map ...
6. Show Nothern Irleand on the map ...
7. What is the capital city of Scotland?
o Edinburgh
8. What is the capital city of England?
o London
9. What is the capital city of Wales?
o Cordiff
10. What is the capital city of Nothern Irleand?
o Belfast
11. What is the capital city of United Kingdom?
o London
12. Show the flag of Scotland ...
13. Show the flag of England ...
14. Show the flag of Wales ...
15. Show the flag of Nothern irleand ...
16. Show the flag of United Kingdom ...
17. The population of Great Britain is ...
o 57 milion
18. What language do people speak in Scotland?
o English, Gaelic.
19. What language do people speak in Wales?
o English, Welsh.
20. What language do people speak in England?
o English.
21. What language do people speak in Northern Irleand?
o English, Irish.
22. What is the British currency?
o Pound sterling £.
23. Who is the patron of Scotland?
o Saints Adrew.
24. Who is the patron of
o Saints David.
25. Who is the patron of
o Saints George.
26. Who is the patron of
o Saints Patric.
27. What are the symbol of Scotland?
o A thistle / a unicorn.
28. What are the symbol of Wales?

o Leek and daffodil (por i żonkil)
29. What are the symbol of England?
o Rose Andlion
30. What are the symbol of Nothern Irleand?
o Shamrock
31. What river is London situated on?
o Thames.
32. What is Oxford famous for?
o The oldest university in Britain.
33 Which cities have got the oldest univeristy in Great Britain?
o Oxford, cambridge.
34 Where was Shakespeare?
o Stratford – upon – Avon

Who lived in Sherwood Forest near Nottingham?
o Robin Hood.
36. Show Nottingham on the map. What person in the city connected with?
o Robin Hood.
37. Show Dover o the map ...
38. Where is the shortest distance from Great Britain to France?
39. Name (2) the largest sea resorts in England ...
o Liverpool,
o Dover,
o Newcastle,
o Hull,
o Southampton,
o Portsmouth,
o Harwich,
o Plymouth.
40. Show the largest sea cities on the south coast of England ...
41. The British are mad abouth ...
o Animals,
o Garderning,
o Sport,
o Royal family.
42. Who is the queen of the United Kingdom?
o Qoeen Elizabeth II.
43. How many children has the Queen got?
o Four.
44. Give the names of the Queen’s children.
o Charles,
o Anne,
o Andrew,
o Edward.
45. Give the name of the Queen’s sister.
o Margaret.
46. Who is Philip to the Queen?
o Husband.
47. Who is William to the Queen?
o Grandson.
48. Who is Beatrice to the Queen?
o Granddaughter.
49. Who is Andrew to the Queen?
o Son.
50. What was the Queen’s mother called?
o Elizabeth,
o Queen Mother.
51. The only person in Britain with two birthdays is ...
o The Queen
52. How do you call the Queen’s offical birthday?
o The trooping of the colour.
53. What famous people come from Scotland?
o Annie Lenox,
o Rod Stewart,
o Robert Burn’s.
54. When is the national day of Scotland?
o 31st november
55. When is the national day of Wales?
o 1st march
56. When is the national day of England?
o 33rd april
57. When is the national day of Nothern Irleand?
o 17th march
58. What is New Year’s Eve called by Scots?
o Hogmany
59. What is haggis?
o Traditional food withf liver, heart and s animal fat.
60. What is kilt?
o A tartan skirt that scottish menwear.
61. What is Scottish national instrument?
o bagpipes
62. What is most important sport competition in Scotland?
o Higland Games.
63. What is the name of Scottish lake with a monster?
o Loch Ness
64. What is caber?
o In the higland games.
65. What is Hogmany?
o New Year’s Eve in the Scotland.
66. Which is the highest mountain of Great Britain ? Show it on the map.
o Ben Nevis.
67. When is Halloween?
o 31th october (firty one).
68. What games do children play st Halloween? Name two of them.
o Trick or treat;
o Apple bobing;
o Fancy dress party;
o Jack o’lantern
69. How do you make a Halloween Pumpkin lantern?
o Cut a hole in a large pumpkin
o Put a cndle in the hole
o Cut a face in the side so the light is easy to see
70. What are the colours of Halloween?
o Black and orange.
71. What happens on 31st October?
o Halloween
72. What is the name for 5th November?
o Guy Fawkes’ Day.
73. When do people celebrate Guy Fawkes Day?
o 5th celebrate
74. How do people celebrate Guy Fawkes Day?
o People build a big fire called bonfire
o They make a dummy of Guy Fawkes Day, from old clothes
o Children carry the guy around the streets to show people, they say “Penny for the guy”, an ask people for money for fireworks
75. When did Guy Fawkes live?
o He lived in XVII century
76. Who was Guy Fawkes?
o He was a catolic who had a plan to kill King James Iand his government.
77. Who was the kong of England in 1640?
o James I
78. What is Snowdonia?
o National Park.
79. Where is Showdon?
o It is situated in the north and part of the Snowdonia National Park.
80. What is Wales in Welsh language?
o Cymru.
81. Where was the first Prince of Wales born?
o Caernarvon.
82. Who is called Prince of Wales?
o The king or queen of England’ s eldest son has the title of prince of Wales.
83. Who is the Prince of Wales now?
o Prince Charles.
84. What happens in Llangollen every year?
o Interional Eisteddfod – a festival of Welsh music, literature and drama.
85. What is Wales famous for?
o Spectacular mountains
o National Parks
o coal
86. Which famous singers and bands come for Irleand?
o U2
o The Corrs
o Ronan Keating
o Westlife
o What is the Emerald Island?
o In Irleand lots of rain makes the landscape very green. That’s why Irleand is sometimes called the Emerland Island.
87. Why is Irleand so green?
o Lots of rain makes landscape very green. It rains on up to 270 days of the year.
88. What are the Irish people like?
o Friendly
o Enjoy talking all the time
o Love having parties
o Sense of fun.
89. Who is the British Prime Minister famous for?
o Tony Blair.
90. When is St. Valentine’ s Day?
o 14th february.
91. Who wrote “Hamlet”?
o William Shakespeare.
92. Who wrote “Treasure Island”?
o Louis Stevenson.
93. Who wrote “Gulliver’ s Travlls”?
o Jonathan Swift.
94. Who wrote “Winnie the Pooh”?
o Alan Alexander Milne.
95. Who wrote „Alice in Wonderland“?
o A Lenis Carroll.
96. Who wrote “The Advemtures of Sherlock Holmes”?
o Arthur Connor Doyle.
97. What is Alfred Hitchcock famous for?
o He made trillers “Birds”
98. What is Agatha Christie famous for?
o She wrote detective stories with Hercules Poirot.
99. What is James Cook famous for?
o He discovered Australia.
100. What is Edmund Hillary famous for?
o He was the first to climb Mount Everst.
101. Who was the first woman to become the Prime Minister?
o Margaret Thatcher.
102. Who discovered penicllin?
o Alexander Fleming.
103. Who discovered the structure of DNA?
o Francis Crick and James Watson.
104. Who wrote “The Book of the Jungle”?
o Rudyard Kipling.
105. In Great Britain you can leave shool at the age of ...
o Sixteen.
106. In Great Britain you can vote at the age of ...
o Eighteen.
107. In Great Britain you can drive a car of ...
o Seventeen.
108. In Great Britain you can drink alcohol at the age of ...
o Eighteen.
109. In Great Britain you are responsible for a crime at the age of ...
o ten
110. In Great Britain you can get married at the age of ...
o Sixteen.
111. What do you call 24th December in Britain?
o Christme Eve.
112. What do you call 25th December in Britain?
o Christmas Day.
113. What do you call 26th December in Britain?
o Boxing Day.
114. When is British traditional Christmas food?
o Turkey
o Vegetables
o Sauce
o Christmas pudding
o Christmas cake
o Roast potatoes
115. Name 3 British actors.
o Emma Thompson
o Kate Winslet
o Hugh Grant
116. Where is Stonehenge? What is it?
o In the south of England. It is a stone circle.
117. What is Hadrian’ s Wall?
o A store wall built by the Rowaws.
118. Where is Hadrian’ s Wall?
o On the border of England and Scotland.
119. Where does the queen live in London?
o Buckingham Palace.
120. What is the religion in Great Britain?
o Anglican,
o Roman Catolics,
o Protestants.
121. How can you get to Great Britain?
o Coach
o Train
o Plane
o ferry
122. How many language do people speak in Great Britain?
o 3 main “native languages”: English, Gaelic, Welsh. You can hear more than 20 different languages.

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