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Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is one of the most famous people in the world. Her name has been famous since 1999 when she appeared in “The Interrupted Girl” and in “The Bone Collector”. Since then she has appeared in many widely acclaimed and well known films.

The actress is in her thirties. She is a tall, slim girl with extremely long, brown, straight hair. Her pretty face is oval and she has big, grey eyes which attract men attention. Angelina has a rather tanned complexion which she inherited from her mother.

Although she used to drink and smoke, she is a kind and helpful person. She is placid and has never been implicated in affairs or front-page scandals. She is an honourable member of UNO. Her well known charity missions in Africa, where she tries to help poor and homeless children, suggest that she is a sensitive, caring and kind-hearted individual. Her decision to adopt a child from Cambodia was caused by her infinite kind-heartedness.
Her biggest hobby, apart from acting, is reading books and swimming. She also likes spending time on a boat with her family. Angelina enjoys playing tennis and cycling but she does not often do this because of lack of time.

I admire Angelina Jolie both as an actress and as a person. Her generosity and dedication to many good causes indicate that she cares about others and is an open-minded woman. I would very much like to meet her and maybe one day this dream will come true.

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18.1.2009 (22:02)

super, naprawdę rzeczowa i mądra, język swietnY

7.4.2008 (22:24)

swietna praca!

4.4.2008 (20:32)

moim zdaniem ciekawe;)zobaczymy jaka ocenka bedzie;P

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