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Family plays very important part in our live. It ensures our care, transmit traditions, norms behavior. Today families consist of parents and one, two children. People are much worked, want gain good qualifications and work, besides they want achieve a famous or want to be rich. Therefore they spend a little time together and their relationships are weak. People haven’t got time to talk each other and their place taken by a computer, a television.
While in the past families looked another. People had more children and they had more time for them, because as there wasn’t TV. They spent more time together, didn’t care about work, their future.
In my opinion main problem in families is overprotective. Parents think that their children are still a little, so don’t agree them go out in the evening. Secondly problem in families is alcoholism. Today many young people reach on this drink. It happens, because parents give bad example and they have few times for their children. While adults drink alcohol, because they want forget about their problems and sadness.
My biggest problem is that my parents don’t release me anywhere, for example on Friday will concert of Tiamat. My mum say: “You may go, if you wouldn’t return in night bus”. Each knows that it is impossible. She doesn’t understand that I will go there with my old brother, who will care me.
But my relationships with my parents generally are good. I spend most time with my sister. We love watching films on computer. I always tell her what was in school. Moreover the best relationship I have with my cat. Kicia is never angry with me and never complains.
Maybe, when I will have 18 years my parents allow me to go out, when I will want.

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