Describe your ideal house.

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Everyone wants to live suitably, without worries, thinking only about self development. That kind of goodies could give us a dream house. With pleasure i will describe mine.
The location of my house would be very important, it should be a place with a water nearby and a four seasons division of the year. I already can imagine a lake-house with one floor and a great balcony covered with windows, like a glasshouse. Necessary there would be too a garden, where could I grow fruit trees and spend time in summer. Light falling throught windows would be looking great, natural and would be relaxing. However, there should be a room without windows, any devices providing sound and any things, which could bring back memories or something disturbing thinking. It would be the room for blue days, when everything is going wrong. Great hideout for thinking. The kitchen and bathroom should be well-equipped and spacious, they should charm with their simplicity. The living room would be cosy with soft furnitures, warm and vivid colors. So the person after coming in should say that feels like home. The house would be a full of digital devices and solutions, however they should be hidden from look. I truly agree with people, who claim that pets in the house makes it more family so I will have at least one. I wish i would have a fireplace too. It would be nice for long winter evenings.
Describing my dream house is really pleasant. I think that i haven't extravagant needs and I hope or even believe it will come true some day. Ohh.. I forgot about swimming pool.

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