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Dear Calineczka!

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Ola and I come from Poland. Since I remember I have interested in reading books especially fantasy and action. I love cinema and I can’t wait a screen adaptation of your adventures. Stories about you came to us from Denmark, I think it is a wonderful country. I know that, because I was there two years ago.
I’m writing to tell you how great heroine you were for me, when I was a child. I would like you to know, that you were my favourite fairy character. I couldn’t wait to hear just another one of your adventures, which my mother used to read every evening.
I fast grew up. Now I’m a fourteen year- teenager, but I still remember the most beautiful fairies, which took a very important part in my life.
So one day it was your turn. And I remember how great impression it made on me. Stories about your adventures always have fascinated me. Sometimes I read them again with pleasure and I’m starting to remember how amazing was the way, which you were brought to live, and how interesting were your fates.
I’m writing to you, because I’ve always wanted to talk to you. There is the competition in my school for the most interesting letter to favourite fairy character. I hope I won’t be boring. I would like to ask you so many questions like: Where do you come from? Where had you been before you woke up in a tulip, in house of woman, who wanted to have a baby? What do you think about people and about your place in our world? I apologize for so many questions but I have always wanted to know that. I really can’t imagine how did you manage to survive kidnapping by the toad. I don’t know what I would do if I would have to marry so awful toad. This story could end in a different way, If the fishes hadn’t helped you. I wandered what happened to the butterfly, which you tied to a leaf of water lily. As I remember you were worried about him too. I’m very happy that on your way appear a character of a swallow, which was very friendly and helpful to you. I really admit you for that how did you stand treating from the mouse. I feel sorry about your living in her house because it wasn’t easy for you to work as a maid servant. On the other hand I think you wouldn’t survive a winter alone in forest. I wonder what could happened if the swallow didn’t have an accident. Probably you would have to marry to blind mole, who couldn’t stand any sunny light or bird’s singing or any flowers.
In my opinion you were lucky that you met someone like this friendly swallow. You helped her and then she was very helpful to you. I remember I would like to be such a beautiful, sensitive, intelligent and courageous person as you are. I admit you for your strength in the moments of weakness but I’m not sure if I could stand so much evil that happened to you. I hope you are happy now in the Elves’ Kingdom, and I wish you a very lucky life.

Yours, Ola

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