Eating habits in Poland and England.

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Eating is inseparable element of life. But in many countries it’s something more than just appeasing energetic demands. It’s part of culture, developed by many hundred years old tradition. That’s why we have so many different eating habits and kitchen in different countries.
We are living in Poland and our kichen has something in common with other countries in Central Europa. We are used to having 3 meals a day, we eat a lot of meat, fat, potatoes. We eat too late at night and things not healthy like fat meat, too many potatoes, last time we start eat like Americans thing like: fast food, crisps, chip, we drink Cola. In Poland people eat ham, sousages. We have very good tradicional food like: sauerkraut which is made of sauerkraut, meat and mushrooms.

Nowadays many people in Britain in breakfeast eat cereal with milk, or toast with marmolade, jam or honey. The traditional breakfeast drink is tea. Some people have coffee. For many people lunch is a quick meal. Many people eat snacks or sandwiches in a bar or pubs. Children have a hot meal in school. Some people have afternoon tea with cakes. The evening meal is a main meal of the day for many people. They usuallyhave it quite early, between 6 ad 8 and often the whole family eat together. On Sundays many families have a traditional lunch. They have roast meat with potatoes, vegetables and gravy. Sometimes people eat at the restaurant.

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