My favourite TV programme.

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My favourite TV programme is The Simpsons. It’s a comedy cartoon, and it’s from the USA.
The Simpsons is on channel FOXKIDS, on cable TV, But you can also see it on satellite TV. Each episode is half an hour long I don’t watch them, because they aren’t available in Polish TV any more.

The main location is Springfield. The events take place in all town. They are at home, a bar at the school, at the office where the father work etc.
There are five main characters, two parents, and three children: Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa & Maggie. My favourite character is Homer J. Simpson. He juggles the roles of husband, father, safety inspector at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, bowler, beer drinker, astronaut, small business owner and dreamer, and makes it all look easy. But it wasn\'t always so easy for Homer J. Raised by his father, Abe, who tried to compensate for the absence of Homer\'s radical hippie mother, Homer graduated at the bottom of his high school class and managed to earn the distinction of being the longest-term entry-level employee at the plant. Together with his high school sweetheart, Marge Bouvier, Homer settled down in Evergreen Terrace, the nicest upper-lower-middle class section of Springfield, to raise his three precious children. Homer is fond of Duff Beer, donuts, Marge\'s pork chops and watching the Bee Guy on the Spanish channel. His dislikes include his boss, Mr. Burns, yard work and his neighbour, Ned Flanders. I like him because he’s the best character is this cartoon & because he’s very funny.

The main theme of The Simpsons is comedy & human relationships. It’s my favourite programme because it makes me laugh. And it’s got a great signature tune called “The Simpsons Family”.

Katarzyna Korolczuk IIIE

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