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Dear Ann!

Well, as you see I finally got to Bilbao. I’ve been here since Monday. I’m staying in a lovely hotel near the sea. Unfortunately it is not a very cheap hotel, but believe me: rally lovely! I’ve got a small room with a bathroom and a very comfortable bed, a small desk, and even a TV set. Wika is very glad of having TV.
As soon as I arrived I had to visit the port. always told me it was wonderful. He was right. There were so many boats and ships from all the word! I made some photos. I’ll show you when we come back. I’ve done lots of things since I arrived. Wika asked me to do some shopping. I spent much money on my baby, because I bought lots of toys and clothes for her. Are you going to believe me? Bilbao is not as expensive city as I thought! I’ll buy also buy something for you.
We are spending all days on the beach now. We are taking sun bathes and I‘m learning Wika swimming. She is look like a Spanish girl now. She is as brown as girls live here. won’t recognize her when he came back. I’m afraid also he could be angry of me I’m giving permission to her taking so much sunbathes. But weather is very good. It’s brilliant sunshine, and very hot.
I’ve got a big problem with the language. Nobody can speak English here. Can you believe? I’ve got many problems with communication. Everybody knows English is spoken all over the world, but not here. Yesterday when we got lost in the downtown, no one could give us even a piece of advice how to get back to the hotel. I was so fed up.

Tomorrow morning is going to come to Bilbao. We will staying here altogether.
I’ll phone you in a week’s time and tell you when you may see us back in Poland.

That’s all for now. See you soon!

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