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Hi Julia!

There's a lot of things that I have to describe you. After removal our life has changed. As You know, we live in Stargard now. We don't have any bungalow or detached house. We live in a block of flats, but I must say it isn't so bad here. Neighbours are really friendly and nice. In fact -> all Pole are pleasant and kind, obliging. We can say here 'Could You be so kind as to help me" and 99% of people will help us.

Within a week [in the course of a week] we haven't seen a lot of [much] places. In Stargard there are very interesting relics, but we haven't got time to visit them. For example: Wałowa or Pyrzycka Gate.. beautiful places with wealthy history, but as I have written.. time lack.
You know, that we have just moved to Poland and we don't know everything exactly. Traffic regulation is the worst. We were going to a church by car, when a cyclist fell into us. He has broken left wing mirror and now we must pay for a new one, because he [has] escaped. Polish regulations! Terrible! Well..

So my first week in Poland is named by cyclist accident. You must know, that in Stargard there is only one, onehall and old cinema! The nearest Multiplex Cinema is in Szczecin and there are 4 halls. There we have to go, when we want to watch a good film in a good cinema.
Only place, that we have seen is the oldtown, because there is majority of departments, thus there we have done majority of removal papers. I must finish now. Tommorow I'm going to polish shool first time. I wonder - what 1st highschool is like..

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