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“The Silent of the lambs”

Script "Silent of the lambs'' he came into being on the ground Thomas Harris's famed book. Film and book achieved big success. Movie received 5 Oscars.

A Serial Killer, who people call "Buffalo Bill", skins women. FBI Chief Jack Crawford selects FBI trainee Clarice Starling to ask Dr. Hannibal Lecter, an imprisoned former psychiatrist, about this case and see what he thinks of it. Lecter asks Clarice about her personal life. During that time, Buffalo Bill captures his next victim. Clarice offers Dr. Lecter a transfer if he will help her to find killer. Doctor decides to help her.

Dr. Lecter asks Clarice about her childhood. She lived with uncle in the country. She tried to escape one night when she had a dream about rammed lambs. She all the time suffers because she hears deplorable bleat sheep. She thinks that, if she will catch killer, bleat in her head be silent.

When Clarice leaves the prison, Dr. Lecter escapes, kills two attendents, and escapes in an ambulance. Clarice finally tracks down and kills Buffalo Bill. In the end Hannibal rings to Starling.
"Silent of the lambs'' is one of the best psychological thrillers. Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins were magnificent. The venerable Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster are excellent in their portrayals as brilliant, professorial cannibal and vulnerable but determined FBI agent. They received Oscars.

This movie is very scary. Buffalo Bill and Hannibal Lecter are thrilling. This movie is a lot different from other movies because of the plot. It is sort of about Jodie Foster and the crying lambs but it is also about Buffalo Bill and his skin coat. The most terrific part is when Hannibal wears the cop's face to get out of the building.

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