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In my opinion more people are choosing to live in the city ,but there are also people who prefer the countryside. I'm thinking that the choice of living in the city, often in a big city is due to the fact that rural people do not have a well-paid job. Another reason may be that especially young people looking for a place where they can hang out with friends and go to a party or club such as disco. A good argument is also true that in the city there are many interesting places like parks, cinemas, museums and many shops where people like to go shopping. The city is not only good for young people as grandparents can find interesting activities .
For example, my grandmother it with your friends to the cafe and there drinking coffee and talking about the problems of life , in the vilage, unfortunately there are no such places, and older people have to sit alone at home. For my parents, it is in a lot of entertainment. My mom comes from work with their colleagues to the gym, I think that living in the countryside would be very bored. My dad at the weekend together with friends and go to matches, the country does not even have stadiums, and very few people practice some kind of sport.
Despite the fact that there are people who choose to live in the country I'd never be decided on is not because I think that the countryside is boring despite the fresh air. In the country's poorly developed communication and to get to the city I have to wait about 2 hours and it is terrible.

So how have I grown up and I have a family build a house in the city and I would recommend to anyone who does not like to be bored.

Data dodania: 2012-12-26

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