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My Family
My name is Wojtek. I'm thirteen years old and I've got a brother.
His name is Marek. He's 14 years old but he is as tall as I, um...
maybe he's a little higher than me. My mother's name is Iwona. She's medium-high, she's got long brown hair and blue eyes. Actually she hasn't got any job. My father's name is Maciek.
He's high, he's got short brown hair and – like my mother and me -
he's got blue eyes. He's a doctor and dentist. He was in Army.
My grandmother's – from my mom's side – name is Halina. She is medium-high, she's got short light-brown hair. Her husband's name is Gienek. He's – like my mother and my grandmother – medium-high. He's „importing” and selling cars from Austria. My grandmother's – from dad's side – name is Anna. She is medium-high, she's got medium-long blond hair. Her husband's name is Jan.He's a quartermaster. He's medium-high, he's got short white hair and blue eyes. Like my father – he was in Army – but not on second World War – he has born a month before War :) My aunt's name is Jola. She's helping my grandfather in work. She's got medium-long blond hair and blue eyes (like everyone in my family). Her husband's name is Krzysiek. He's high, he's got short brown hair and he's a PE teacher. Their son's name is Konrad. He's eighteen, he's tall, he's good at basketball but i don't like him.
Of course, there is an animal in my family. I've got cat. It's name is Pusia (not original name). She's stupid, last night a mouse went to our house, and Pusia couldn't catch it! She's fat and she thinks she is princess. My grandmother Halina has got a dog. It's name is As.
He's small, he's about 8 years old. He's got brown short „hair”.
I like him. And that is My Family (of course not all family)

Data dodania: 2012-09-18

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