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I am Alicja XYZ and I am 17 yeras old. I live in Drawsko Pomorskie. Drawsko is a small town in West Pomerania. About 12000 people live in Drawsko Pomorskie. The River Drawa flows across the town. We can go kayaking or pick up mushrooms there in the summer. The city of Szczecin is 100 km to the West. I will show you the town in our free time. I and my family live in a block of flats. We have three rooms, the kitchen and the bathroom. I have a separate room with a balcony. There is a television and a computer. If you arrive to me, you will sleep in my room.
I have got rather a small family – only 4 people. I go to the secondary school. I am nice, honest and friendly, but sometimes I am very nasty. I think that I am responsible and punctual, too. Some people argue that I am a very sensitive person. I don’t like boast and snake people. I also don’t like people who are lying. I haven’t got any concrete interests - I like listening to music as a ordinary teenager. I like reading interesting books, for example “ PS I love You ” or “ Message in a bottle ” . In my free time I surf the Internet and watch TV. I love meeting my friends at the weekend. I will introduce you to my friends. Unlike other teenager, I don’t smoke cigarettes. I hate animals, so I have got only one fish. I am a Christian. I believe in God. Every Sunday I go to church with my young brother. I don’t like going to school. It is horrible, I have got seven lessons every day. My favourite subjects are English, Polish and Chemistry, but I don’t like Maths, Physics and Biology. I go on foot to school with my friends. It isn’t far, we go approximetly 15 minutes.
I have got a younger brother – Michał. He is 8 years old and he goes to the primary school. He loves watching television and playing computer games. He is lively and funny. I often argue with my brother. Well, I think that it is normal – everyone has sometimes bad days. I don’t imagine my life without him. I am sure that you will get to like Michał.
My parents are honest and very tolerant. My dad – Janusz works abroad and my mum – Katarzyna works in an office. I think that when we are together we are a happy family.
I write down to the school exchange, because I want to practice my English. In the future I am going to study English. I also know a bit German, but I think that it isn’t an useful language.
I am waiting for your arrival impatiently.

Data dodania: 2012-09-11

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