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I hope that you'll write to me soon.
I was very pleased indeed to receive your letter.
I was glad to hear from you again
It certainly has been a long time.
I'm very sorry for not writing, but we've been so busy with exams.
Bye for now.
Excuse my handwriting but...
Write back soon
Give my regards to...
I'm looking forward to receving a letter from you. Please write soon.
I'll say goodbye for now and wish you well.
Many thanks for your welcome letter.
I must close now. Do write to me.
Take care.
Please forgive the delay in replying but...
How nice to have your letter and to know that you're well and happy.
Love from Alex and Ann.
Here, at last, is the letter I have been intending to write for a long time.
Best wishes from us all and we look forward to seeing you soon.
This is just to let you know, that...
My parent send their love to all the family.
My love and best wishes to you.
And now, I'm finally writing a letter to you in answer to you of long ago.
Yours, as ever, John.
Our best to all of you.
It has been such a long time since I heard from you.
Please write the next chance you get.
I shall be anxious to hear from you.
My regards to all your family.
I'm always happy to hear from you.
Forgive the scrawl.
I'm sicerely sorry that...
I enclose with this letter some pictures from holiday.
I feel quilty about not writing.
I certainly owe you an apology for...
Until nex time my thoughts are with you.

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