Desert Island Story - "I began to swim towards an island on the horizon..."

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I began to swim towards an island on the horizon which was my the last resort. I had one aim- to survive. I had tried to rescue my family and our yacht before I was in the Atlantic?s water. We went on holidays. It was supposed to be our the most wonderful trip of our lives, but it turned out to be a nightmare. The storm surprised us on full see. I was able to rescue only myself so I tried to swim towards an island. I was constantly thinking about my daughter and my wife hoping that they were still alive. A land was nearer and nearer but I started loosing my strenght. When I touched sand it was the best moment in my life. I was so happy. But in the some moment I thought about my family I wanted to find them but I didn?t even have enough strenght to stand up. after I had rested I went to explore the island. It was a beautiful place but I didn?t see it. Hoping to find something to eat I went far into a forest. It was good idea. There was a lot of fruits and a place where I was able to build a ?home?. When I went to another side of an island I saw there many things from the yacht and? my wife and daughter lying on a seashore. I ran to them and I started to resuscitate them. They recovered and I was very happy because we were together on desert island!

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