Advantages and disadvantages of alternative medicine. (Wady i zalety medycyny alternatywnej)

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The more being a nonconformist is growing popular, the more people need to express their diversity in almost every area of their lives, even if it comes to health. An alternative medicine is something, that people come into for finding new experiences and testing different methods of treatment. As everything that isn't very reliable, an alternative medicine has its advantages and disadvantages. The question is ? is it worth to run the risk for just being different?

An alternative medicine in almost every case is based on very old and exotic methods. The good thing is that it's completely natural. No chemistry gets into your organism. What is more, in most of cases it's totally non-invasive, so there's no need to be afraid of scalpels, drills or syringes. Instead of that therapists use different kinds of herbals or psychological tricks like affection of colors and music. In addition, sometimes an alternative therapy is the only chance for recovering people who suffer incurable diseases.

Although those unusual methods does have some disadvantages. For instance, the price that you have to pay for even one short session of acupuncture is often exorbitant. Not everyone can afford being treated in those extraordinary ways. Moreover, the whole process of therapy is very slow because it's often based on autosuggestion. People who are skeptical about alternative methods probably can never have chance to experience potential benefits of medical oddities. Another problem is your safety. Every human organism works differently so people can never know how alternative therapy will affect their health. In some cases those therapies could not have been tested before or can be even illegal! Effects can be regrettable.

In conclusion it seems that alternative medicine has as many advantages as negative aspects. The decision whether to treat yourself in public clinic or find some unusual way of medication remains a matter of personal choice. I think there's nothing risky in trying some soft methods of alternative medicine, but very important thing is that more than enough is too much.

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