Should animals be given human rights? Should they be treated the same as human?

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We live in the world where people have control over animals. What would have happened if animals had human rights? Do you think it is a good idea to give them equal rights with human? Can you imagine that someone is sentenced to a death penalty or life imprisonment for killing an animal? Should animals no longer be regarded legally or morally as property and be treated as a resource for human purposes? Should animals be included in a “community of equals” with human beings?

First of all the animals will not be aware of having rights, they will not use it since they are not capable of thinking so they can not accuse anybody of anything. They will not even feel grateful for this gift.

Secondly, it is ridiculous to give them human rights since they do not have the capacity to enter into a social contract or make moral choices and can not respect the rights of others or understand the concept of rights and therefore they can not be regarded as possessors of moral rights.

Moreover, animals are more primitive that people and are not able to reason. All life they follow their instinct. I think they do not need human rights as their nature rights are much more better for them.

Furthermore, if we gave animals the human rights they could not eat each other, since human law does not allow to kill anybody. That could be tragedy, they would die out of hunger. What is more people could not use them for food, as entertainment and in researches.

To sum up, it is obvious that animals should not be given human rights. In my opinion there is no reason to change the world and destroy the nature rights. Despite giving them human rights we should feed, protect and look after them. We should also try to make their life better since they are sensitive beings.

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