Which place in the UK or USA would you call the greatest tourist attraction?

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The UK and USA ahve a lot to offer.There are many beautiful and historical places,camping sites or recreation areas.But to my mind,althought London,Edinburgh or Washington are also worth visiting,New York is number one on most tourists" lists of places to see.
First of all,it"s not a city that can be ignoerd even by the most demanding visitor.This largest American city is the destination for thousands of tourists every year.The most exciting thing about NY is how much there is to do and see and everyone can find something for themselves there.
For sightseers there is the Statue of Liberty or Brooklyn Bridge.It also has other picturesque and quiet places such as Central Park or Greenwitch Village.
Moreover,culture lovers can visit the theatre of Brodway where they have unique opportunity to see the most popular plays and musicals.There are also hundreds of art galleries in the city.
Alternatively,sports fans can even catch a game of baseball at Yankee Stadium.
The night life in NY is equally brilliant,with a wide variety of restaurants,bars and nightclubs to choose from.
Apart from that,this is the city of amazingly high skyscrapers and incredibly noisy streets filled with shouting people,and where there is something allways going on.
To conclude,NY is a lively and exciting city with peole from almost every corner of the world.There is something for everyone and nobody can be bored there.All those things make NY more exciting than any other city.

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