She tore open the letter and read it quickly. She had to be there at nine o\\\'clock. (story, CPE level)

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She tore open the letter and read it quickly. She had to be there at nine o\\\'clock. After a quick glance on the watch she decided that she still could make it. She waited long for the occasion, too long. And, due to minor quarry with her boyfriend, she missed it. She came there too late, and they told her that she missed her chance. This letter seemed to be giving her a second one, one that she certainly would not miss.
As she had only two hours left to the deadline given in the letter, she decided not to call anyone, especially her boyfriend. \\\"Thanks to you I\\\'ve missed my big chance. No way I miss the second one, you bastard!\\\" she thought. She started to drop all the essential crap she needed for a week on the sea in the middle of her tiny, well-kept room. Although she was fully conscious that she lacked the possibility to get some waterproof clothes she knew would be badly needed under these weather conditions, she didn\\\'t hesitate a single moment. After dropping everything into the big, old-fashioned canvas sack she started to write a short letter to her parents, which turned out to be merely a notice. \\\"Dear Mom and Dad\\\" it read \\\"I received a letter from the Club saying that if I wish to sail, I have to go right NOW. From now I have only an...\\\" she glanced at the watch and felt the electric, freezing spark of panic rise under her throat \\\"... fifty minutes!\\\". The exclamation mark was a statement of her panic. \\\"I have to go. Yours N.\\\"

She dropped the pen and rushed to the bus stop, almost forgetting to take the sack. When she arrived on the stop she worked out that the bus had just left, and there is no chance that she could get there on time with the other one. \\\"I still have forty minutes\\\" she thought \\\"I can still make it!\\\". She ran through the city, trying not to get killed by a stream of pre-dawn traffic, as the evening rush hour had just started. When she finally got to the Club, she was totally exhausted, but also the happiest person in the world. She made it on time!

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