Human relationschips are deteriorating in the modern world and nothing can be done abaut it.

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Nowdays the majority of people are busy with work and studies.They spend less time with their friends and partners.
I think that it happens because people are chasingafter money , nad they want to make their lives better.The only time when they share time with close family is usually Christmass , Easter or any other occasion.Also at work they are not nice to other colleagues.That is all happening because of "rat race".

Also , now we have fewer marriges.People do not want to be tied down and commite themselves on relationschips with partners. Maybe it happens because the whole world is moving forward and all the media are advertising "the new way of living"
Ypung and old people are scared before involwing themselves i the relationschips.It is also easier not to engage.
Every year we are starting to live faster nad faster.Ewery year it will be harder to change our lifestyles.
People schould slow down a little bit.We should more often visit or call aur close relatives and friends , not from time to time.
We chould be nicer to strangers and we should not be rude.

Nowdays there are more and more diffrences between the rich ad the poor.This fact causes aggresion as poor people feel deprived of the thingsthe rich possess.Being aggresive is the only possible outlet of their emotions.
How often do we hear abaut muders of inncant old woman who are battered to pulp by cruel young peole?
Contemporary society is cosidered to be very modern but it stioll has not been able to solve such worldwide problems like unemplyment , poverty and famine.

In this situatin it is hardly possible that human relationschips may not be deteriorating.

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27.7.2006 (12:24)

hej! na samym wstepie - relationships, a nie relationschips a nastepnie : bardzo duzo bledow, szczegolnie ortograficznych, a takze stylistycznych