Money.There are things money cannot buy. Do you agree? Why do people save money?

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In our world money is very important thing. Without money life could be very difficult. But sometimes people forget that there are things more important. Happy family life, love friends money cannot be bought by us. We need to take care of this, because without it we could be very lonely. Sometimes rich people suffer from depression. They don’t have time for pleasure or meeting friends. They don’t know if their friends like them for money or not. I would like not to have financial problems in my life but there are lots of others things which are more important for me than money. People save money because nobody knows what will be in future. Parents think about their children’s life and they want to send them to good schools, but they need a lot of money to do this. We could have some problems with our health, and it’s much easier to overcome them witch money. We can go then to the best hospitals and have expensive medical care. On holiday we could travel around the world with our family. There are also a lot of things for ourselves and our family that we could buy. When people have a lot of saved money they feel more secure.

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