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I think I have a small family. There are four people in it. I am 19 years old, I have blond hair and light blue eyes. I am a first-year student at secondary school in Wieruszów. I have a sister but sometimes I wish I had a brother, because I quarrel with her often. She is 15. She is pretty and blond-hair girl. My mother is a teacher-educator in TPD DWD Glaz and my father is an driver and he work in PPKS Oleśnica. He spends most of his time away from home and this means that I and my sister mostly with our mother. Nevertheless, I think that when we are together we are a happy family. My father and I are very keen on computing and we always spend summer holidays together in mountains. My mother likes traveling abroad and she enjoys warm countries in particular.
Every Sunday we go on dinner to grandparents, who live in Walichnowy.
In week visit them also. But now I dislike go there recently.
When I was born we lived in Glaz, but I disremember unfortunately because I was small. When I was 6 years we moved to Sokolniki and we live there to today. We are very happy and loving family.

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12.10.2011 (15:56)

wow ale projekt!!!!!!1

a mozee po polsku nie jesteem zadną kująką kurde wlanie kto powiedzial ze angielski jest cool!!!!!!1

temu komus chyba siekierą przywalili!!!!!!!!

10.10.2011 (18:38)

ok może byc ale daj po polsku tom wersie xd

18.1.2011 (14:35)

angielski jest cool