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Koszalin 06.11.2008

Jan Kowalski
ul. J. Pilsudskiego
75-950 Koszalin
tel. 888800444

Dear Sir,

In making for press announcement from 29.08.2008 I would like to suggest my candidacy for a driver- an OFFICE BOY/ Runner.

I think, that I have all personal predispositions and necessary qualifications for doing straightforward exercises at this position. Average electronical education and uncomplete humanistic will surely be
very useful at work, which requires concrete thinking and ability to communing with people at the same time.

I already have an experience at work on a similar position. I have worked as a driver in XYZ. My Hitherto existing work (e.g. in a tourist agency) tought me independence in realising entrusted tasks,
taking fast decisions, as well as consistency and immunity on stress.

I make contacts with other people very easily, they present for me a very important aspect at work and give me so much satisfaction. I learn quickly and I'm an elastic person, who tries to get
on well with everybody. I love to take miscellaneous challenges.

I would like to take work which could give me capability of professional development (evolution), satisfaction and stabilization. I am sure that ZYX company grants all these conditions.
Work releated with provision in your firm, would give me a lot of satisfaction.

I' love to add, that I own a professional riding law and experience in transportation of people and documents. I am able to take care of all employee (staff) and your property.

If my qualifications will be enough please contact me back.

Yours sincerely.

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