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In my speech i will describe you my life plan and tell you who i want to be in the future.
When i was a little girl i didn't dream to be singer or TV star or someone like this. Actually i made my first decisions when i was in primary school. Then i decided that i want to be a lawyer. At first i tought about it beacause i wanted to help innocent people. But after a while i tought about it as a well-payed job. Unfortunetly it turned out that making my dreams a reality won't be sa easy. Many people want to become a lawyer, so the competition is bigger, what decreases my chances for success. And besides that my intrests have changed.
Now i want to become an economist. I plan to study economy at Gdańsk Politechnic. Ihope that i will pass my final exam after secondary school with preety good results and i will be accepted to my dream study. When i will become master of economies, I will star to looking for job. I don't expect it to be easy at the beggining. Also i plan to get masters degree in marketing and management, what, i hope, will help me in finding well=payed and satisfy job
In the future i want to be economist, or maybe someone like financial director in some big company. Also i could help people, who have their own small comapnies but they don't know too much about economy. Opening my own company is also a good idea, but i'm not shute what this firm would be all about. Of course i would be the boss ;))
I don't have precise plans for the future, but i want to deal with economy or marketing. I'm shure of one thing - i want to have a job that would give me joy and secure lifestyle on high level to my eventual family and me.

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