Streszczenie książki "Beauty and the beast"

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In a big house there lived the merchant with three sons and three daughters. They were very rich.. The youngest daughter was called ‘Beauty’, because she was very beautiful. One day, the father said they are poor. They sell their big house, and bought small house in the village. Beauty helped in house: washed up, cooked dinner. One day the merchant set of on his journey. During this journey, the merchant got lost in big wood. He discovered very big house. He walked to first room. On the table were roast chickens and beef and some of vegetables. After eating he went to the garden, and cut the rose. Suddenly he saw the beast.
Because he cut the rose he had to loring one of his daughters. The merchant returned to the home and told his children this story. The brothers want to kill the beast, but the father wanted to keep his promise. Beauty agreed with the father and set of with him to the beast. They came into the big house and the Beauty met the Beast. The father had tears in his eyes, but he had to leave the house. The beast treated her very well, but she couldn’t forget about her family. Beauty and the Beast usually ate together in the big dinning room. After meal, the beast always asked Beauty- “Will you marry with me?”, but Beauty always answered- “No, Beast”. Beauty wanted to go home for two weeks, so she asked the beast about permission, and the beast agreed. Before travel he gave Beauty ring and said- “ After two weeks put this ring on the table”.
Beauty’s brothers and father were very happy, and her sister also, because Beauty gave them a lot of gifts. The two weeks past quickly, and she had to come back to the beast. On the last evening, she put the ring on the table and go sleeping. Next morning she opened eyes and she was in the big house. At the meal time, she waited for the beast, but he didn’t appear. So she ran into the garden and she saw beast in the cave. She was very worried about the Beast, because he didn’t open eyes. She fetched some water and sprinkled for his face. When the Beast opened the eyes, Beauty was very happy. They came together into he dinning room, and after dinner he asked once more- “Will you marry me?” and the Beauty agreed. Suddenly the beast turned into the handsome prince. Beauty and the Prince celebrated their marriage and they lived happily ever after.

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