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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Censorship

Censorship plays a major role in every society and as Shakespeare once said, censorship is ?art made tongue-tied by authority?, but it is not only used to silence people but also to protect them. Nowadays, censorship is only imposed on those beliefs that have in history resulted in tragedies, therefore ideologies such as Nazism etc. are forbidden to be expressed in public. Although it is often misused, censorship is supposed to help people and protect them from dangerous concepts and their children from violence and pornography.
First of all, in the line of history we have always perceived censorship as something negative that withheld freedom of speech. In some states, especially communistic, fascist, and in countries such as Cuba, the political censorship is not only highly present but also supported by the propaganda, which is aiming at showing the goverments political point view, or simply to alter the reality in the minds of the citizens. People who disagreed with that usually were either imprisoned for treason against the state or convinced by force to speak ?the truth?, which was the truth said by the government. This leads to another great disadvantage.
Censorship has always been used as a tool for controlling the society. Citizens are usually united when they face a common enemy or when they strive for achieving a common goal. Censoring certain content and promoting other is the best way to achieve that and therefore ?fool the citizens? that they do what they want to do. It was often used to hide the content that is dangerous when interpreted incorrectly or by inappropriate people. But this can also go the other way around.
In democracy, censorship is limited to the protection of the citizens by either banning some explicit content from being published, covering unsuitable material or just by labelling it with age restrictions. That is why films, TV programmes, video games, books and magazines are nowadays rated according to age restrictions or intended audience.
Although it was meant in the beginning to serve a good purpose, along with the time it started to be used to control the information and the society. Just like Nobel?s dynamite, censorship acquired a whole new use. I the world we live in today, there is no chance that it is used only in good intentions, because just as not everyone is fundamentally good, not everyone will use it for good, but for their own profit.

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