The advantages and disadvantages of shopping in hypermarkets.

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People have different preferences. Some of them enjoy the shopping excursions very much and make it a sacred time of day while others buy everything they can in small shops in neighbourhood.
Noone can deny that buying in hypermarkets is much more convinient than in shops with limited selection of goods. There is no need to worry about the weather because once you enter the big building you might find there everything you need: shops of all kinds, cafes, fast foods, perfumeries, etc. When you get tired, you can rest on the benches. Nobody is going to get annoyed when you stop to read the book without buying it or to listen to a CD you don't want to spend your money for because you think it is not wort it after all.
Certainly it has also its disadvantages.
Walking through the shelves you almost always put in the basket much more things that you originaly intended to buy. Hypermarkets often prefer brands which are the cheapest for them. What is more whole families decide to spend their free time shopping in such places instead of going to park or anywhere else. Sunday's shopping becomes the habit they can live without. Also it is definitely uncomfortable to rush into the big market just to buy a few things like milk, a chocolate bar or cigarettes and spend 20 minutes only waiting in the queque to the cash register.
Another thing is that hypermarkets promote unhealthy food and sell products past its sell-by date which is outrageous.
Shopping in hypermarkets obviously might be a good thing but let's hope that small neighbourhood shops will not die because of them too!

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